Monday, December 24, 2007

Uniquely Lovable

There was a unique bond between the Father and the Son, arising from the fact that th Son was uniquely lovable and the Father was uniquely affectionate. God could not have made a greater sacrifice. His love is astonishing precisely because at this point he put the world before his Son. The statement, ‘God gave the world for his Son’ would evoke no wonder. The statement, ‘God gave his Son for the world’ borders on the incredible. Conversely, the Son could not have suffered a greater loss. To have ‘lost’ the Father, as he did in the dereliction (Mark 15.34), was the greatest of all possible pains.
The Person of Christ, Donald MacLeod, p. 73


  1. I have appreciated hearing this. Thanks, Walk.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed!

    btw, I have never been called "Walk" before, at least not in writing. :)


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