Friday, June 10, 2016

Trinity Controversy Omnibus

[Updated 7/8/16]
(*) = Essential Posts.

Earlier today I found myself trying to explain to a friend what has been happening in the Reformed world in terms of the latest discussions regarding the Trinity and the Eternal Functional Subordination of the second person of the Trinity. The trickiest part about explaining it to him was keeping all the different posts straight. In order to help out both myself and anyone else who is either trying to keep up, or get caught up I have compiled (chronologically) this list of links which I believe to be helpful to anyone who is interested. I plan to keep this updated as things progress. This will be an ever evolving post. The earlier entries are articles that have laid the groundwork for where we find ourselves now, and they are certainly relevant. As readers pass along more information and relevant pieces of information I will add them to the timeline, so this list may be worth checking in on periodically.

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, September 2004
"Toward a Biblical Model of the Social Trinity: Avoiding Equivocation of Nature and Order" by J. Scott Horrell

Book: Jesus and the Father, by Kevin Giles

International Journal of Systematic Theology, April 2013
"The Obedience of the Eternal Son" by Scott Swain and Michael Allen

"'Eternally Begotten of the Father' An Analysis of the Second London Confession of Faith’s Doctrine of the Eternal Generation of the Son" by Stefan T. Lindblad

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society:
*"Eternal Functional Subordination and the Problem of the Divine Will" by D. Glenn Butner, Jr.

May 22, 2015
Rachel Miller:

Review of One God in Three Persons by Steve Holmes

May 31, 2015
Alistair Roberts:

June 1, 2015
Response to Holmes' Review by Fred Sanders

May 28, 2015
Rachel Miller:

June 3, 2016
*Liam Goligher:

June 6, 2016
*Liam Goligher:

June 7, 2016
*Carl Trueman:

June 8, 2016
Michael Bird:

June 9, 2016
*Bruce Ware's Response:

*Carl Trueman's Rejoinder to Ware:

*Wayne Grudem's Response:

Carl Trueman's Rejoinder to Grudem:

Mark Thompson:

Michael Bird:

*Denny Burke:

Jeff Waddington:

June 10, 2016
John Calvin/Carl Trueman:

Mark Jones:

Darren Sumner (for a Barthian's perspective):

*Mike Ovey:

Scott McKnight
(read the comments section, especially for interaction between Alistair Roberts and McKnight):

June 11, 2016
Mark Jones:

Steve Hays:

*Donald Macleod:

June 12, 2016
Michael Bird:

Steve Hays:

June 13, 2016
*Michael Bird/Michel Barnes:

*Michael Bird/Lewis Ayres:

Todd Pruitt (Reflecting on Barnes/Ayres):

Andrew Wilson (a nice article summarizing the issues):

Owen Strachan:

Aimee Byrd:

Derek Rishmawy:

Denny Burke:

*D. Glenn Butner, Jr.:

Fred Sanders:

Mark Jones:

June 14:
*Liam Goligher Responding to Mike Ovey:

Carl Trueman:

Paul Helm/B.B. Warfield:

Mike Ovey:

Mark Jones:

June 15:
Alistair Roberts:

Andrew Moody:

Michael Bird (response to Fred Sanders):

Mark Jones:

June 16:
Darren Sumner:

Caleb Lindgren (Christianity Today):

Matthew Barrett:

John Stevens:

June 17:
Mike Riccardi:

Alistair Roberts:

Mark Jones:

June 18:
Keith Johnson:

June 20:
Andrew Moody:

Wayne Grudem:

Owen Strachan:

Mark Jones:

Liam Goligher:

June 21:
Carl Trueman:

Michael Bird:

Luke Isham:

June 22:
Wyatt Graham:

June 23:
Christopher Cleveland:

Mark Baddeley:

June 24:
Christ the Center Roundtable Discussion of the Trinity Controversy:

Jamin Hübner:

Carl Trueman:

June 25:
Matthew Crawford:

June 28:
Albert Mohler:

Carl Trueman (response to Mohler):

Ian Hamilton:

Liam Goligher:

June 29:
Bobby Grow:

June 30:
Matt Emerson:

July 1:
Lewis Ayres:

July 4:
Bruce Ware:

July 5:
Mark Jones:

Liam Goligher:

July 6: 
Mark Baddeley:

Andrew Wilson:

July 7:
Todd Pruitt:

Darren Sumner:

July 8:
Bruce Ware: