Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pope vs. Devil: Who Will Win?

Pope Benedict has decided that Satan is up to his pesky, mischievous ways again. As such, he is dispensing the exorcism squads, ordering his Bishops to make sure that every diocese has the right number of priests trained to keep Satan at bay. I can only think of how Luther must feel about this, especially since Luther made this biting little statement some time back: "but [we will appear] before the Pope and devil himself, who intends to listen to nothing, but merely [when the case has been publicly announced] to condemn, to murder and to force us to idolatry." I really enjoy the racy language the Reformers used. You just don't see that kind of talk anymore. We Reformed guys are far too polite, I think.

Seriously, though, what do you all think of the Pope's "Exorcism Squads"?

My response: "Worldliness Squads." That's right; groups of men with big hammers who are trained to destroy peoples worldly possessions which are keeping them from the kingdom of God. My little club of goons will just go around clubbing peoples' high-dollar cars or smashing their plasma TVs into tiny pieces. It will only be done in the rarest of instances, of course; but it may still be necessary from time to time.


  1. I know of a particular reformed theologian that has retained luther's use of strong language and conviction. the problem is he is consistently ignored or attacked for doing so. see:

  2. Are you talking about Robbins or Clark?

  3. What do I think of the Pope's excorcism squad? How 'bout what I think about the catholic church in general. I'd give it 2 thumbs and a big toe down.


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