Monday, August 22, 2011


I would like to take a moment and thank those who disagree with the Two Kingdoms view for at least calling it "R2K," which, as I recall from my Seminary days, means Reformed Two Kingdoms. I am thankful they grant that the Two Kingdom view is the Reformed view.


  1. Andrew,

    Can you explain the diference, if any, between the "spirituality of the church doctrine" and two kingdoms theology? Often theologians use the term "spirituality of the church" as something different from 2K, but I am not sure of exactly what the difference is.

  2. I think -think- that spirituality of the church is R2K in American Presbyterianism. But spirituality of the church is a doctrinal commitment of the Southern Presbyterians (and, by extension, the PCA) so those who are more influenced by Kuyper et al. must make a distinction that allows them to hold to spirituality of the church and reject R2K.
    The latest Equip is a good example of the confusion and hemming and hawing that results.

  3. I would have to look closer at this but I do think there is a decent amount of difference between the SOTC doctrine of Thornwell/Southern Presbyterianism and the R2K project of R. Scott Clark, D.G. Hart, and David VanDrunen. Especially when it comes to the prophetic ministry regarding Church/State.


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