Saturday, August 6, 2011

Argument for Infanticide from Natural Law Fail

A while back Steve from Triablogue posted an argument meant to demonstrate the absurdity of natural law theory (he had Catholics in his sights at the time). When I originally read it I felt his argument did not deal fairly with natural law theory. Since then, Steven (not the same Steven) has posted a response in which he notes the confusion of "nature" and "natural." Read the post to get the meat of it.

The lesson for today?
natural law ethics is not the view that nature, as in the world out there in the jungles, seas, etc., determines what is good for us and bad for us, but rather that our natures (in a technical metaphysical sense) determine what is good for us and bad for us.
Thanks, Steve.


  1. Just a quick note, Analogical Thoughts is not my blog but James Anderson's.

  2. I have no idea why I get you guys mixed up. I think I have the name of your blog mislabled in my RSS feed!


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