Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Geerhardus Vos eBook for Kindle

The Doctrine of the Covenant in Reformed Theology by Geerhardus Vos has been made available for free at Monergism for download in Kindle format. Even the first paragraph is a gem:
At present there is general agreement that the doctrine of the covenants is a peculiarly Reformed doctrine. It emerged in Reformed theology where it was assured of a permanent place and in a way that has also remained confined within these bounds. It is true that towards the end of the seventeenth century this doctrine was taken over by several Lutheran theologians,2 but this apparently took place by way of imitation, the doctrine being unknown within the genuine Lutheran framework. With the Reformed theologians, on the other hand, its emergence occurs in the period of richest development. With full force it lays hold of theological thinking, which in many cases it bends in a distinctive direction.
Get it here.

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