Monday, July 26, 2010

"You are gonna stay, and you are gonna LIKE it!"

Now, this is old news from March, but it is quite sad to see that a church can vote to leave the ELCA over issues like this, and the denomination can simply "deny" their request. This congregation in Fort Pierce, FL voted to leave the ELCA because of their decision to ordain homosexuals as long as they are in committed, long-term relationships. What are the people supposed to do, stay in a heretical church just because the higher-ups say so?

Synod Council Denies Florida Congregation's Request to Leave ELCA

According to the synod, though they're not sure what their next step with this church is going to be, "we are committed to trying to walk with them and rebuild the relationship."

A quote from one of the church's members: "How are they going to work with us? We completely disagree with them...There's nothing we can do. They don't want to let us off the rolls."

I checked in with St. Peters' website just to see if they're still around, and I did find a webpage still up, but it hasn't been updated since March, so for all we know, everybody packed up and left.
"Those denominations that worked through the controversy of women's ordination a generation ago have certainly moved on. Their controversies now concern whether sodomites should be wearing sodomitres in solemn procession up the central aisle."

-- Why Ministers Must Be Men , p. 23

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