Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Al Mohler on the Burdens of Young Christians

Friday, July 2nd marked the last episode of the Albert Mohler Program. Al Mohler has written on his blog some parting thoughts and lessons that he has learned over the years of doing his radio program. One of the points that Mohler makes which I particularly connected with was his point that young Christians bear a tremendous burden in many respects:
Just imagine being a young Christian in postmodern America. Everything appears up for negotiation, from sexuality to spiritual realities. In these times, the young are bearing the greatest burden, paying the greatest social costs, and carrying much of the intellectual freight as well.

They need help — and understanding. They desperately need the church to respond with the full witness of Scripture and the full measure of conviction. They are pressed on by all sides, pulled by the vortex of a secular culture, and faced with frontal attacks on the Christian faith. They are on college and university campuses where Christianity is derided as imperialistic and where belief in the supernatural is written off as insanity.

They face moral and cultural temptations that no previous generation of Christians has faced. They need help, and I heard their voices with particular concern and priority.
Most of the men whom we look to right now for leadership - from men like Piper, Mohler, Dever, Duncan, Sproul, Keller, et al are between 30 and 50 years older than us. We won't have these redwoods of the faith around forever to fight our fights for us; eventually, as young Reformed Christians, these fights will be fully our own to fight.

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