Friday, July 9, 2010

Sam Waldron on The First Resurrection in Revelation 20

My first exposure to Sam Waldron was his book on the 1689 London Baptist Confession. He has also written a book on eschatology called End Times Made Simple. A friend of mine recently pointed me to a terrific preaching series by Waldron titled 'The Coming of the Kingdom.' I've listened to it, and it is a really tremendous discussion of Revelation 20 from an amillennial perspective. In particular, I was helped by his discussion of the verses which discuss what is meant by the "first resurrection."

I had previously held that the blessed "first resurrection" was the resurrection of the soul from sin and death when God regenerates a sinner. However, Waldron takes a simpler approach. He argues that the "first resurrection" with which we should all seek to take part in is Jesus' resurrection. This is somewhat in line with what I had previously held, I think but it was a far more helpful way to understand the first resurrection, and is much more in line with the words of the text.

You can find the sermon series in MP3 format here.

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