Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tim Challies' Great Give Away

On Tim Challies' blog he is having a giveaway this month--a $200, $75 and $35 gift certificates to monergism books. Now, all our readers know that here at Bring the Books... we love to read. So, there is nothing greater (alright there are many things greater) than receiving a gift certificate for free books. Why do I mention this? Here is why. If you register and use my referral ID: 70430, my chances to win increase. You can help a poor seminary student get his dying wish (this is the part where you tear up and go register for little Timmy). To register you simply need to click here. It's a very short process. Make sure to also subscribe to the mailing list, if this is your first time, or else you won't hear about the winner. Which, with your help, will be me!

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