Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Those Who Like To Laugh

This faux-news-article is awesome. If you like to laugh, read it. If you do not like to laugh, well... you are probably a Presbyterian. [Snap!]

Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose

Here's another one for those who enjoy potshots at churches with coffee shops in them.

Church transforms into coffee chain

And last but not least:

DC Talk Reunite, To Their Dismay

Oh to laugh... Oh to cry tears of joy.


  1. The coffee thing is not far off. In fact I heard about a church that kept serving fried chicken after every service, until it got so popular that eventually the church closed down and opened a fried chicken place instead. Pretty sad if it turns out to be true.

  2. I was going to say that that would be remarkable, but [head hangs down in sorrow] it's probably not that remarkable, after all.

  3. Our church meets in a local coffee shop where the coffee is terrible...but the rent is the best in the city!


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