Thursday, May 15, 2008

Occasionally Helpful Satire

If any of you read the Onion, you probably already know that they are not exactly the best source for solid news stories, but it is a good source for laughs. I was reading this morning and came across an article which I initially regarded as a throwaway piece. However, it now strikes me that this fake news story from The Onion is not only pretty funny but also somewhat insightful as to the ways that some people really must think about religion. Consider the fact that people are happy to come to Christianity as long as it is on their own terms, not God's. John Piper points out that God is honored when people come to Him because they want Him personally, and not because of the benefits He bestows. Having introduced my brief thoughts, give the article a read. It's pretty funny and I especially enjoyed the last line of the story, where Presbyterians make their own bid for the man's soul:

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