Saturday, May 17, 2008

Door to Door

This afternoon I embarked with 12 other seminary students through a lower income neighborhood behind RTS, "the Queens." We went 2 by 2 armed with Bibles and the love of Jesus. I went with Jonathan Craig, a fellow M.Div student here at RTS. We had a great time going door to door handing out Bibles and asking people if we could pray for them.

One guy, named Demarkus, asked us to pray that he finds a record producer. Looking back, I should have asked him to spit some rhymes, but I didn't. Who knows he might just be the next 50 cent. We also came across a group of young men playing spades. We sat down and played a few hands. Jonathan and I got worked, but I think it was because after every hand, they had a new rule that we did not know about, like the 2 of diamonds is the highest trump card, who knew?

All and all Jonathan and I had a great time. We ask that you pray for Demarkus and the rest of the people in the Queens neighborhood behind RTS. Ask that God would use our time there to grow his Kingdom and to glorify himself.

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  1. My grandpa plays with the 2 of diamonds as the highest trump card too. We also play "super-spades" when there are only 3 people by adding the 2 jokers to the deck as trump cards higher than the ace.


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