Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Puritan Kindle Books, Volume 3 (William Perkins Galore)

Here it is - the creme de la creme - some of the hardest books to find on the net - the works of William Perkins in legible English, and all ready for reading on your Kindle.

William Perkins - A Golden Chain

William Perkins - Cases of Conscience

William Perkins - God's Free Grace and Man's Free Will

William Perkins - Hebrews 11 Commentary

William Perkins - Knowing Christ Crucified

William Perkins - Of Man's Imaginations

William Perkins - On Predestination

William Perkins - Salve for a Sick Man

William Perkins - Six Principles

William Perkins - The Art of Prophecying

William Perkins - Witchcraft


  1. I know I don't tell you this nearly enough (mostly because I don't even know you), but I love you.
    Thanks for this service. I was about to go in with a buddy and get the Complete Works of Perkins printed from an old, I'm set for a while. This should last me until Beeke's Complete Works of Perkins is published.

  2. Incredible. I'll be so indebt to you. W.Perkins ebooks are the hardest to find on the web. Google books has some but badly scanned and difficult to read. This is just wonderful. May the Lord bless you infinitely.

  3. Cases of Conscience. This was one of the first books I ever narrated on tapes. I had to borrow it on an interlibrary loan back in about 1986 it was then so rare.


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