Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feeling Duplicitous is Nothing New

Madam,-I would have written to your Ladyship ere now, but people's believing there is in me that which I know there is not, hath put me out of love with writing to any. For it is easy to put religion to a market and public fair; but, alas! it is not so soon made eye-sweet for Christ.

My Lord seeth me a tired man, far behind. I have gotten much love from Christ, but I give Him little or none again. My white side cometh out on paper to men; but at home and within I find much black work, and great cause of a low sail, and of little boasting...My peace is that Christ may find outing and sale of His wares, in the like of me; I mean for saving grace.

Samuel Rutherford
Letter to Lady Boyd, 1637

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