Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Puritan Kindle Books, Volume 2

More Puritan Reading for your pleasure. Actually, we got a little broader than just the Puritans here, but I'm sure you'll forgive. My apologies: although most of these books have working Tables of Contents, not all of them do, for example, Samuel Rutherford's Letters does not have a working Table of Contents. As always, these are Kindle ready, just put them in your Kindle's "Documents" folder.

Martin Luther - Bondage of the Will

John Owen - On the Glory of Christ

Richard Sibbes - The Bruised Reed

Charles Spurgeon - Matthew Commentary

Jerome Zanchi - Confession of the Christian Religion

Thomas Manton - Sermons

Henry Law - The Gospel in the Pentateuch

Walter Marshall - The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Thomas Goodwin - Commentary on Ephesians

William Gurnall - The Christian's Complete Armor (3 Vols. Complete)

Samuel Rutherford - Lex Rex

Samuel Rutherford - The Letters of Samuel Rutherford

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