Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Kindle Books by Bavinck and Ridderbos

I received an email in answer to a query earlier today from Paideia Books about sharing some books by Dutch Reformed scholars, and here was the answer I got:
Our files are provided free of charge as we simply want to give them the widest distribution possible. Therefore, we would be happy to have you format our files into Kindle versions as long as you do not charge for them. We also usually ask that you provide some sort of source acknowledgement. We are pleased that you are interested in our materials. Thank you.

Warmest Regards

Kerry John Hollingsworth


Reformational Publishing Project

And so, here are the books from Paideia which I have ready in Kindle format. I may have more in the future:

Herman Ridderbos - Studies in Scripture & Its Authority

Herman Bavinck - The Certainty of Faith

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