Friday, March 4, 2011

A Hunch Met With a Return Hunch

In his brief review of Rob Bell's new book, Brian McLaren is still talking about conversations that lead nowhere:
One can only hope that after the initial inquisitorial tsunami has crashed, more and more people will realize that a deeper conversation is going on, deeper questions are being asked, and something very powerful and important is afoot....My hunch is that many Evangelical leaders will adopt a defensive, combative position towards Rob and his book, worried about their status in front of the most conservative wings of their constituencies, without giving even twenty minutes to considering the possibility that their traditional understanding of the biblical narrative is compromised - with Greek philosophy, with imperial/colonial politics, and so on.
I've got a hunch of my own, Brian. Lets see: spiritually curious evangelicals will read your books, feel shaken in their faith by your "harmless" conversation, and eventually abandon that Faith altogether. Oh wait; that's not a hunch. I've seen it happen with my own eyes.

This is not the diplomatic face I wanted to put forward with regards to the new Rob Bell book. I wanted to be a self-controlled, fair-minded grown-up. Instead, McLaren showed his face. Yes, I have an axe to grind with Brian McLaren. I watched a dear friend walk away from the faith and his marriage, and it all started with McLaren's books. I have no sense of humor about this man, and I have no sense of humor about those who think that a hallmark of true faith is being completely indifferent in these sorts of matters.

Some day my humor will return.


  1. No need to be apologetic. "Conversation" is a word Emergents use to describe heresy, sometimes damning heresy, in a more palatble way.

    The more I learn of Bell, the convinced I am that he is sending his followers down the Broad Path, which leads to a place he evidently does not believe exists.


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