Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bell is Out of the Bag

Earlier, I suggested that we ought to measure our responses to Rob Bell and wait until the book is out so that we can ensure we aren't participating in a bait and switch of some sort. Now that Kevin DeYoung has posted his highly detailed, unreservedly pastoral review of Bell's book Love Wins, I just want to say that the cat is out of the bag, and he is, in fact, teaching Universal Reconciliation. I want to commend with the highest possible accolades, DeYoung's review. It is essential reading for church leaders. Not that we shouldn't read Bell's book ourselves, but not everyone has time to read Herman Bavinck, Geerhardus Vos, AND Rob Bell on top of it all.

I am grateful that God has raised up servants for the church like Kevin DeYoung. God is good. And holy. And just. And angry at sin. ... Just read the review, already.

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  1. Adam, another really good book that touches on the movement that Bell is a part of is "Faith Undone" by Roger Oakland. Great read, and I believe it exposes the truth about several emerging church leaders. I personally will not read his books because I'm sticking with what I can trust. The Word, first and foremost, and then theologians, pastors, preachers who we can trust and who don't seek to make heretical assertions and disguise them as "provocative questions."

    What saddens me most is to see that many young people are buying into all of this stuff and are being taught this stuff by non-discerning pastors and teachers.


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