Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anderson Responds to Reiter

James Anderson from Analogical Thoughts has posted a response to Dr. David Reiter's article "A Dilemma for the Proponent of the Transcendental Argument for God’s Existence" that appeared in Philosophia Christi back in '09.

This whole exchange is very interesting for both Josh and myself, as we both sat under Dr. Reiter's teaching during our undergraduate studies in Philosophy while he was still teaching at Grand Canyon University. As I recall, Dr. Reiter was very amused by our obsession with Van Til and Bahnsen, but the TAG never seemed to impress him much. By the way, C.L. Bolt at Choosing Hats is quite mistaken when he deduces that Reiter does not have much familiarity with Van Til or Bahnsen. We spent, as I recall, a great deal of time discussing Bahnsen's legendary and impressive performance destroying Gordon Stein, and Josh and I were both constantly turning in papers to him regarding the TAG. In truth, Reiter is a Plantinga man through and through.

I have yet to read James' reply, but am moments from digging into what he has to say.

[Update: Dr. Reiter tells me that he has already prepared a reply to Anderson and that Philosophia Christi should be publishing it in the near future.]

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