Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Horton on the Atheist Catechism

For over three centuries now, atheists and skeptics have catechized the West in the belief that as cultures progress, belief in God or at least the extraordinary divine intervention in nature and history will wane. What proponents forget is that this concept of "progress" itself presupposes a certain kind of faith: an interpretation of reality that requires personal commitment. Among other things, it presupposes that reality is entirely self-creating and self-regulating (autonomous), such that the very idea of a personal God who enters into a world that we have defined as "without God" already precludes the possibility of entertaining specific claims to the contrary...Narrative paradigms are resilient. They can be overthrown, but everyone works hard at preserving them from impeachment.

-Michael Horton; The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way
Horton's Systematic Theology is available at Westminster Bookstore for 45% off for one week only. I will personally be taking advantage of this deal. Having previewed the first chapter on the Kindle, I can definitely say that you've never read a systematic theology that was this fresh, this relevant, and this involved in the current theological issues that the Reformed world is dealing with.

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