Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts

A friend pointed me to this incredible resource for guys like me who are looking for texts of old classic Protestant theological works (of course, with the end in mind of converting the files into Amazon Kindle format). It's The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts. They sort the texts by theological schools, differentiating between Anglican, Puritan, Lutheran, Arminian, Unitarian, Quaker, and Reformed/Calvinist.

It appears that the texts are converted from nearly illegible PDFs and painstakingly converted into text format. As an example of the source materials which they create these wonderful text files from, simply look at this page from a William Perkins book which they converted into readable English text. The fact that these are originals also means that it's a wonderful site if you read Ecclesiastical Latin. The only books I've been able to read on the site were the works by the Puritans. They have many texts which I've never seen anywhere else in any readable format. For example:
If you speak Latin, they also have Peter Martyr's masterpiece Loci Communes. I found the Perkins writings most delightful because it's so hard to find any websites where Perkins' writings are not being posted in text format, but for excerpts, such as you find at A Puritan's Mind.

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  1. Hi! I had problems trying to access the website! Too bad,I'm a digital book hunter too :(


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