Monday, January 17, 2011

Glorifying God In Visiting the Dentist

I leave my house in ten minutes to go to the dentist's office. I have a slight phobia of spending money, ergo, I also am afraid of the dentist. Here are a few ways in which I have tried to strategize for giving God the glory when I go to the dentist.

1. I glorify God by remembering that as a sinner I deserve terrible suffering and death. I will remember God's kindness in this situation:
A) God's kindness in giving me a doctor at all.
B) God's kindness in the invention of novacaine.
C) God's kindness in providing the money to pay the dentist.
D) God's kindness in sparing me the pain of further toothaches.

2. I glorify God by trusting in him (Ps. 56:3).
A) By trusting that my life is His in all ways.
B) By trusting that whatever happens, He is always good.

3. I glorify God as I experience my toothache:
A) By remembering the suffering of Jesus and how much greater it was than what I am experiencing.
B) By remembering that my bodily pain is a mercy in that it tells me when damage is happening to my body.
C) By remembering how much suffering I truly deserve for my sinfulness and rebellion against God.
D) By reminding myself of the pleasures of heaven and how fleeting any pain which we experience is in light of eternity.
E) By remembering the suffering saints throughout the world, most of whom would give anything for a toothache to be their biggest problem.

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