Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review of The Law is Not of Faith

Mark Jones, over at his blog, just posted a review of The Law is Not of Faith, which I have read and will review in the coming weeks. Anyhow, anyone who is interested in the book would be remiss not to read this helpful review. Jones concludes his review with these words:

"To argue that the giving of the law at Sinai has similarities with the covenant of works is not, to my mind, controversial in Reformed circles. To argue that a meritorious works-principle operated at the typological level in the Mosaic covenant – because Sinai is viewed as a law covenant – is, however, a serious point of contention. The Lutherans and some of our Reformed brethren may be right about Moses; but TLNF has perhaps raised more questions than it answers. That is not a necessarily a bad thing, of course. Therefore, I hope that future discussions on this topic will be enhanced because of this work; and perhaps, on a lesser level, my own review will provide the authors of TLNF with some further food for thought."

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