Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gospel Coalition 2009 Audio

The video and audio are now available here for the 2009 Gospel Coalition. The conference was great. The speakers were excellent. I would make sure to listen to Bryan Chapell and Ligon Duncan. Keep in mind, when listening to Chapell, he had no notes with him, amazing!

I was able to have dinner with Ligon Duncan. That was great. We talk about everything from PCA polity to Ph.D. programs. I was also about to steal about 30 minutes of Phil Ryken's time. Thanks to fellow staff member Mike Lynch, I was able to tour the IPV warehouse. That was pretty neat to see how that all work. Also, Mike and I had lunch at a haunted restaurant, the Country House. We sat at table 13, the one that is said to be haunted (but I do not buy it). I was able to get tons of free books (thank you Steve from P&R). Free books are always cool. As you can tell, I had a blast. I would highly recommend attending the Gospel Coalition next time.


  1. Will I get free books if I go next year?

  2. Josh,

    I am not sure. The conference gave away the ESV Study Bible. A few of the exhibitors were giving away books and a few of the exhibitors just gave me a book or two. All that to say, I have no idea if you will get books.

    And, the conference (I think) does not meet annually.

  3. Why no video for Ajith Fernando? Everyone else seems to have video as well as audio.

  4. Blue,

    I am not sure. I would check back to the site latter and see if they get it up there.


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