Saturday, April 4, 2009

Covenant Theology Part 4

Abrahamic summary listen here

Covenant call (Gen 12)
Covenant ratification (Gen 15)
Covenant administration (Gen 17)
Covenant confirmation (Gen 22)

Of the Mosaic Covenant listen here

The Mosaic Covenant was made 430 after the promise to Abraham after the exodus of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt. This covenant although was a further administration of the Covenant of Grace and was it self a re-administration of the Covenant of Works to Israel as a Nation under God. The Covenant had sanctions and stipulations that allowed the Jews to remain in the land and to be a blessing to the gentile nations of the world as long as they were obedient to the commands of the covenant. Israel was the son of God like Adam and therefore received the blessings and responsibilities of keeping the covenant of works as a nation. During this epoch of redemptive history the individual Israelite was saved by believing the Covenant promise that was given to their forefather Abraham.

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