Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Upper Register Looked Upon on Me

I opened my email this morning and found my inbox flooded (well, for me it was flooded) with comments to a blog I wrote back in May, Federal Vision's Trajectory. Upon reading the comments I discovered that Lee Irons (who I mentioned in the post as an example) commented on this post on his blog, The Upper Register. I am grateful that a theologian of Irons caliber thought one of my posts was worth commenting on, even if it was to disagree with me. I have responded in the comment section of the original post, you can find my comments, as well as other's, by clicking here.


  1. the same Lee Irons that was disgraced from the OPC?

  2. Jacob,

    I would not use the term "disgraced" but yes. It is the Lee Irons who is a disciple of Kline who was defrocked from the OPC.

  3. Yes, gentlemen, this would be the same Rev. Irons whose views--that were in question (i.e., "third use of Law")-- are similar to Rev. Stellman's on the same issue. BTW, I appreciate the views of both of these men (re: "third use").


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