Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not about You

The Bible is not about you, it is about the king Jesus Christ.


  1. Actually the Bible is kinda about me. As Pratt always says, you can't be Christocentric without being Faris-pocentric.

  2. Careful, Josh. I'm no fan of therapeutic-moralistic deism either. But if I have no stake in the biblical narrative then what's the point?

    The Bible is about us, just not the way we think it is.

  3. Steve,

    It seems better to me to say that the Bible is for us, instead of about us. Right?

  4. Josh,

    I don't think that particular wording is as important as the broader hermeneutic used to interpret either participial phrase. If one is using moralistic-therapeutic deism then "for" and "about" mean the same, consumeristic/therapeutic thing. I'd rather comport the phrases under the hermeneutic of confessional Reformed orthodoxy and get a Christian understanding.

    Aren't you glad you asked? It's hard being an exacting Calvinist, isn't it?

  5. If it's not about me, then why is there a book named after me? And don't say it's about a different Joshua, cause that's just... uh... I mean... I uh... I could have time traveled or something... so how do you know it's not about me. Yeah that's it!


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