Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fairbairn Honor Scholar of Biblical Languages

I received some exciting news the other day. I was asked by Dr. Miles Van Pelt assistant or to put the job title in a more regal way, I am now one of the Fairbairn Honor to be his teaching Scholar of Biblical Languages. Patrick Fairbairn was a biblical scholar in the 19th century in the Free Church of Scotland. My new position is named in honor of him. The job will mainly consist of helping students learn Greek (my Hebrew is not so good) and aid Dr. Van Pelt in his writing projects. This new position will not take away from my other T.A. position with Dr. Derek Thomas (you can read more about this in my blogger profile).

I am humbled by and I look forward to this opportunity. It will be a great chance for me to cultivate my skill in the biblical languages and build relationships with students and Dr. Van Pelt. Please pray that God will use this new opportunity to bring glory and honor to his Son through my hard and diligent work.


  1. May I offer my congratulations?



    Instead of waiting for a response, I will simply congratulate you. Congratulations on the promotion.

  2. Adam,

    You are the only one who really cares!


    Thanks dude. Wish you where here in Jackson, together we could rule the world!

  3. An empire... a podcast... the footsteps to global rule and influence.

  4. Brandon,

    Thanks!!! I do plan on commenting on your other comments when I get time.

  5. I knew Patrick Fairbairn.

    You, sir, are no Patrick Fairbairn.

  6. Steve,

    You did not know Patrick Fairbairn. He lived in the last century!!!

    But thats for the insult!


  7. Josh,

    You would have to be old enough to remember the Vice Presidential debate between Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentson.

    At any rate, congrats.


  8. Steve,

    We all cannot be as old as you, sorry Grandpa!


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