Sunday, June 15, 2008

All New Column: Listen To a Nerd Complain

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that a great tragedy has descended upon those of us in the Western world who enjoy the immense privileges of Cable TV, the internet, Big League Chew, and the George Foreman grill. What is this tragedy, you ask? What could so compel me to rise up in righteous indignation on behalf of my silently ashamed but nonetheless inflamed army of dorky brethren? I will tell you: the tragedy is that we have to wait until 2009 for the final half of season four of Battlestar Galactica. We waited one year for them to complete only ten frakking episodes? You've got to be kidding me. And now we must wait another year to see the final ten episodes? It's almost unbelievable.

[*Spoilers ahead; don't say I didn't warn you*] Setting my fury aside, I found the last episode of the summer season (which just aired on Friday) to be totally fulfilling, and entirely shocking. It leaves me wondering just where the show will be going, now that they have found the destination they have been seeking for the nearly four seasons this show has been on the air. I must confess, I did not personally expect such a pessimistic conclusion for this chapter of the show, but it does leave me wondering:

-Is it possible that humanity located to somewhere on the planet besides where the fleet landed?
-Could humanity have moved to other planets, such as Mars?
-Or could the humans of Caprica actually be descendants of Earthling explorers who left Earth after it became uninhabitable (which would mean the entire show takes place thousands of years in the future from present-day)?

One little bright spot I think we should all reflect on regarding the long break before the show resumes: take this time to get your friends into this amazing show before it comes back on the air.

Unrelated Postscript: I just received an incredible gift from one of my church elders. Two bottles of Calvinus beer, which were purchased while he was in Geneva, Switzerland. I sense that these are hard to come by in the states, and I am feeling too intimidated to drink them. They may just have to sit in my refrigerator like a pair of unapproachable trophies until I have the courage to break their seals and see what sorts of sundry delights these precious bottles might contain. Any recommendations on foods I should eat, perhaps days in advance, in order to cleans my palette and prepare me to do these beers proper justice when the time for tasting comes around? Any input is appreciated, because I thought I was ready for this, but I am not yet even close in my beer tasting experience to deserve to open a bottle with the image of Calvin himself on it.


  1. Did they ever say how long ago the 13th tribe got to earth? Is is possible (under their worldview) that we are the descendants of the 13th tribe, but that the arrival we saw in the last episode was in our (perhaps not so distant) future? It the length of time since the 13th tribe split off is great enough, say 10 thousand years or more, that might be where they are heading. If, however, the length has not been near that long, then who knows.

    I just saw the show today, so it may take a few days to ruminate on what occurred.

  2. Well, after doing some study, I am withdrawing that theory about the tribes being descendants of Earthlings, since Kobol is supposed to be the birthplace of humanity.

    To me, the ruins looked thousands of years old, not merely tens or hundreds of years. It reminded me more of the ruins you see in Greece than of an old rundown farm you might come across from earlier in the century, you know?

    Another possibility I've come up with is that this isn't earth, but this place will ultimately point the way to earth (I'm not real keen on this idea, but it seems possible).

    You seem to be thinking in the right direction, as far as the time line goes.

  3. It looked kinda "nuclear holocausty" to me. The writers have tackled other social issues, why not tackle total nuclear annihilation?

  4. You are a big, ole nerd. It's true.
    BUT... Calvin beer?! You gotta be kidding me! I don't think I'd be able to drink it either. Don't do it, brother. Don't do it.

  5. Yeah well LOST only gave us 13 out of the 16 episodes that they were supposed to give us, and we'll never get those 3 episodes back. They have been cast into the abyss. (Sorry that last was a stupid LOST reference to the fact that one of the characters on lost is named Abaddon.)


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