Monday, April 21, 2008

Reflecting Upon Infant Death

Tonight, I was reflecting upon the heaviness and dreadfulness of the consequences of sin in our world. In particular, I was thinking of dear friend of mine whom I have known since childhood. Four months into her pregnancy, she has discovered that the child she carries has no heartbeat. My wife and I having experienced the miscarriage of our twins, I am well acquainted with the horror of losing a child. The situation reminded me once again of the horrible effects of sin in our world.

Sometimes, when I meet or speak with those who deny the reality of original sin, I find myself befuddled with their position. But in times like these, I feel an exaggerated sense of confusion with regard to the Pelagian position. If sin is something which is learned, then how is it possible for our innocent children to perish at all? If death is a just (I want to emphasize just) result of sin, then how can Pelagianism account for babies with no heartbeat or twins who die after only 4 months in their mother's womb?

I realize that Scripture is a much better argument against Pelagianism than experience, but I want to take this opportunity to express my own indignation towards this ongoing heresy in what is supposed to be the modern "Christian" church. To deny original sin may give some teachers the satisfaction of feeling that we are "truly" free, but this solution presents more problems than it solves. The death of those who have not even learned to sin cannot be accounted for given the Pelagian system, I would argue.

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  1. So what you're saying is that 4-month old fetuses are obviously sinners too?

    Oh come on Heretic you know that's a mischaracterization of Adam's argument...

    ...or is it.


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