Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music You Can Emerge To

Here is a song that will lead to a "revolution of hope," or so the title of the cd says. This song is from a cd produced by Brian Mclaren. Not only is he a unorthodox theologian, but now he is a bad music producer.

Pay particular attention to this lyric, "I am a atheist when it comes to the view of the chosen few, who judge and condemn all who differ them." I wounder who they have in mind here. Is this valid? You tell me.


  1. Wow, even Dan Kimball's worship leader is better than this. Sheesh, for all the crud Emergents give others about the music they create, this one should have a skunk waved in front of it.

  2. I seriously know nothing sarcastic, biting, or painful enough to say about that "music."

    Fusion! you have it exactly right. I have been listening to alot of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison this week, so you can imagine how absolutely horrified this is to my ears right now.

    It is preachier than anything I ever hear on Christian radio, and its lyrics are so painful and obtuse that its starting to make the notion of listening to MercyMe or 4Him seem appealing.

  3. I was just excited to here something I never thought I would from the emergent church.

    "I cant believe in..."

    I agree, they really need to jack the music up two or ten notches.


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