Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oprah is the Anti-Christ.

I have a friend who calls Oprah the Anti-Christ. In the past I would laugh when he said this, but now, I think he is right.


  1. I like how Kelly asks Oprah the question and then just nods her head with a gigantic grin on her face.

    She is sort of a religious leader. But, of course, she's just following whatever teacher she is most interested in at any given moment.

    Anyway, I think it would be more accurate (eschatalogically) to call her "an" anti-Christ.

    This doesn't bother her a bit, of course. But there are homes out there full of women who don't think - they feel. And these individuals are most at risk of buying into whatever opinions their "hero" might hold to. Let us each guard our own homes against this kind of error.

    Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Adam,

    I agree with you that she is but one of the many anti-Christs, but I would not be true to my friend who calls her the anti-Christ. Granted, I think he is joking (on one level). I really think all he means is she is not a person who should be admired and modeled after.

    On a similar note, this same friend also calls Bono the anti-Christ. In fact, he says that if Bono and Oprah had a child it would be Satan himself. Well, at least that is what he says.

  3. Your friend (whom I met: very nice fellow) needs to stop playing pin the tail on the antichrist and needs to start listening to more U2!

  4. This is basically what I heard in all that. God has not revealed himself. My questions to Oprah would be 1.) does God have the right to reveal himself? 2.) Would it not be the ultimate act of hubris on our part to say that God's revelation of himself is putting God into a box?


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