Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No takers...?

I see that we have no takers for "Unorthodox Preterist" on our eschatology poll. Well, I suppose we couldn't expect a hymenaen preterist to admit that their position is unorthodox. That one's my fault, really. You can't bring a dog to the table with cat food, after all.

Please pray, everyone, for my wife and I. We have been attending an independent Bible church which is dispensational in its theology for some time, now, and we are looking for a good reformed church (not Baptist) in the central Kansas area to begin attending. We'd love any suggestions, as I have a strong desire to exercise my gifts in a theological environment where my positions aren't necessarily controversial (understatement).

Also, I know I'm about 2 years behind the times, but I started reading Hank Hanegraaff's book The Last Disciple, and I'm not exactly impressed by the writing, but I am impressed with the novelty of demonstrating the validity of the preterist view of the end times by recounting historical events (particularly dealing with Nero and his identity as the Beast of Revelation) alongside of the Scriptures. I think that someone who finds preterist eschatology to be challenging or inexplicable may just have an easier time if they read this series of books. After all, not everyone has their Ph.D. in hermeneutics.

Also, on a sad note, we at Bring the Books have decided to drop Theolax as our sponsor as of today. Sadly, it turns out that our own Adam Parker has been taking Theolax for about a year and a half and it hasn't worked out well for him. Only after reading the side-effects listed did Adam realize that Chinese food had nothing to do with his inverted spleen symptoms. Apparently it is safe to eat dog and study soteriology after all.


  1. What town do you live in so that I can help you find a church? You may email me at barnesaj@gmail.com if you don't want to reveal your location online.

  2. Actually, if you look at my profile, I think it will show that I'm in McPherson, KS.

  3. Yes it does, but it also says you are in fashion and a hair stylist to the stars. Niether of which is true, thus way would he think that your location is right? :)

  4. I guess I would suggest the two pca churches in wichita (1 hour away), however, I don't know how they are theologically. I know a FV guy just came out of one of those churches and is still in Wichita but is now starting a CREC church there.

  5. There is a lot of great historical preterist fiction out there.. particularly written directly alongside Josephus. A really unique one, though, and kinda along the lines of Hanegraaff's is "Darkness and Dawn: Scenes in the Days of Nero" by F.W. Farrar.

    I've got a PDF of it posted here, if interested:


    My favorite is G.A. Henty's "For the Temple" http://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/1888_henty_forthetemple.html

  6. It would have to be tough to do life together in true community with people in a church an hour away though, wouldn't you say?

  7. See this site for more information. http://preteristheresy.blogspot.com/

    " Well, I suppose we couldn't expect a hymenaen preterist to admit that their position is unorthodox."

    Heres a few quotes from Full preterists "David Green
    "For if preterism is a doctrine that is so radically other that it makes what the Church has always preached throughout history a damnable heresy, then preterism must be absolutely false. "

    "If preterism makes the historical gospel of the Church into a salvation-forfeiting lie, then preterism must inevitably be nothing more than an invention of modernity; a damnable, liberal heresy. "

    "However, as undeniably indispensable to the Christian religion and to the Church’s salvation as the fact of the Parousia is, and as damnable as is a knowledgeable denial that the Bible teaches it, and as destructive an error as it is to teach wrong things about it, the Second Coming is nevertheless not a doctrine that one must necessarily know correctly in order to be saved. We know this is true because, if it were the case that we must have a correct understanding of the doctrine of the Second Coming in order to be saved, then all believers would be damned except those who hold to one exact eschatological view. Since this is unacceptable, we know that an error about "the time and the nature" of the Second Coming, as grievous as it may be, could theoretically exist in the Church, since every such error is not inescapably "another gospel" that if one believes he cannot be saved.
    A creedalist would likely agree with that last statement, but would maintain that preterism "crosses the line" between acceptable eschatological disagreement between brothers, and damnable heresy; and that which "crosses the line" about preterism is, as we said above, the degree of its deviation from orthodoxy."

    http://www.preteristcosmos.com/pretcreed.html "


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