Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Introduction to Bring the Books

In 2 Timothy 4:16, our hero, the Apostle Paul was writing to his friends, requesting various necessities. Of the things he requested they bring when they come visit him prior to the onset of winter were his cloak, his books, and especially his parchments. Here at Bring the Books, our feeling is that if the Apostle Paul needed his books, then so do we! It should be noted that we are also under the humorous conviction that if Paul would have had room left on the scroll he also would have requested a full stein and his tobacco pipe. But we digress.

Josh and I both graduated from the same college, hold virtually the same theology, are both Libertarians (at least in the political sense), and love to smoke our pipes. However, we both agree that if we did not have Jesus Christ and a deep love for His doctrines in common, we would probably not be friends at all, because we are both so very different. This is good news for our readers, however, because it means that the readers of Bring the Books will get the same theology from two different perspectives. We have similar musical tastes as well. Our blog's tagline "The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair, is a quote from a Relient K song, "Be My Escape," which is a sentiment that expresses our shared musical and theological flavor. But there is diversity here as well. On the one hand, Josh is a graduate student who tackles virtually any issue which is thrown at him. He's the one who keeps me in line, because I am the guy who watches movies, TV, and listens to tons of music (not that Josh doesn't like his rockabilly). Because we're so different, there should be something here for everybody.

A few things new readers should know, regarding our doctrinal positions:
1. We subscribe wholeheartedly to the entire Westminster Confession of Faith.
2. We believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures.

We will both seek to uphold these two primary convictions in all we do here at Bring the Books, but we want to make clear that any and all theological positions are welcome amongst our readers. Just be ready to back up your wacky ideas with facts. We hope you will all hang in here for the long haul, and thanks for reading our blog. Now with no further ado, pull up a Guinness, pull out your pipe, and as they say at St. Anne's, get ready to join in on the conversation.


  1. What about the Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms, do you subscribe to those?

  2. I can't speak for Josh, but I personally have read the shorter catechism, but not the longer catechism. This is because I'm a second-rate Presbyterian. I am in full agreement with the shorter, however.

  3. There is nothing that I would need to take an exception on at Presbytery, but there are some things in the Catechism that I would take as a scruple.

  4. Presbytery isn't just on the Confession (if you thought that), it includes both that and the Catechisms.


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