Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Announcing New Puritan Press - and a Free eBook

James T. O'Brien is a PCA minister who has started an exciting publishing company called New Puritan Press.  They specialize in translating and modernizing lesser known works by the Puritans and selling them in eBook format.  These are books you can't find for free online - unless you read latin, that is.  O'Brien made this announcement earlier today:

We are celebrating the launch of our e-publishing ministry, New Puritan Press. Our mission is to translate classic works by Puritans and other Reformed authors into 21st century English, so that God's people can profit from them again. To celebrate we are offering a wonderful and rare book, John Preston's The Fullness of Christ, (an exposition of John 1:14) for free today through Thursday only. Click the link or search for the book on Amazon. While there browse the other titles we are offering... 
Would you like to know about the new books we will be publishing each month? You can by signing up for our once-a-month Newsletter at: newpuritanpress@yahoo.com. Pam and I want to thank you for your support on this exciting day!
For the next three days, they are giving away John Preston's book The Fullness of Christ for free on the Kindle Store.  This is an original translation, and I would encourage you not only to get it, but to look at their other books.

They are currently also selling Seeking God by Thomas Vincent and Overcoming Worry by David Clarkson.

[Update: New Puritan Press has a website here.]

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