Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mark Dever Interviews Vandrunen on the Two Kingdoms

Mark Dever interviewed David Vandrunen and they discussed a lot of basic issues with regards to the issue of the Two Kingdoms. It was a very enlightening discussion, and we commend it to our readers, as well. You can get the audio here.

At one point, Dever asked him if two kingdoms would have just let the Nazis roll over the church and over the Jews of Germany. Vandrunen responded:
Any kind of legitimate two kingdoms doctrines would say, 'Nazi attempts to impose itself upon the church must be firmly rejected. You're going to impose a Reich bishop upon our church? Absolutely not.'
Great stuff.

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  1. He was asked two questions, but he answers only one, and therein lies the problem. Was he actually silent about the Jews?


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