Monday, November 22, 2010

Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips for Free Kindle Download

Although there's not much time left [in fact, as of 11/23 the sale has now ended] but Reformation Trust has made Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips available for free in Kindle format. Here's what Tim Challies says about Jesus the Evangelist:
The book is written for two audiences. The first is the many committed Christians who do little in the way of evangelism. This book is meant to enhance the zeal of these people by emboldening their witness with biblical wisdom, guidance and instruction. The second audience is those who are zealous in their witness but who would profit from understanding Jesus' approach to evangelism that they may ensure they are evangelizing in a way that is consistent with Scripture. After all, many who seek to witness for Christ in reality do nothing that genuinely approaches biblical evangelism. Phillips hopes to instruct these people so their knowledge may match their zeal.

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