Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazy Kindle Price for Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Here's something to be thankful for. You know how much I keep trumpeting the Kindle and how much I love it. Well apparently on Black Friday, Amazon will be selling the old-school Kindle 2 (the model I have, which I love) for $89. Considering I paid over $200 for mine in January, that's a pretty significant deal. This is the Kindle, by the way, that already comes with free 3G access for life. The newer Kindles are a little smaller, a little lighter, and $40 cheaper, typically, but they come with wi-fi capability instead of the 3G. If you follow this link on Friday, then it should have a pretty amazing price listed on it although until then it won't say anything very exciting.

Also, I just thought I'd mention this. Right now, you can buy each of the Lord of the Rings movies (theatrical versions) for $7.99 each on Blu-Ray right now. I'm sure this will change by the end of the day, as Amazon keeps doing crazy stuff with their prices, leading up to Friday.

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