Monday, August 2, 2010

My Brief Thoughts on Inception

Having seen Inception, let me join the chorus of praises this movie has been getting. I have a few brief thoughts on the film.
  • The Director, Christopher Nolan is to be lauded for taking one of the most complex storylines I have ever seen and translating it very effectively into a very entertaining, deep, and mind-boggling film.
  • I appreciated the emphasis on the importance of ideas, and the destructiveness of basing your life on a deception.
  • I liked the emphasis that the one who is dreaming is in control. I related this to the idea that all the universe is an outworking of the will of God, and that there is a certain sense in which we are all the dream of the Dreamer, God.
  • I think that after this film and Shutter Island it's time for Lenardo DiCaprio to something less cerebral, even though I loved both films.
  • [*Spoiler*] I loved how the very last shot of the film was meant to be, itself, a form of inception.
  • The movie had lots of cool stunts, and all of a sudden I finally think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a pretty cool guy.
  • I've never had to work so hard to keep four different simultaneous dreams straight in a movie before. Because I've never seen a movie with four simultaneous dreams within each other before.
  • I praise God for the gifts he gives to people - both pagan and Christian alike. This film demonstrated the greatest of skill in its execution.
  • [*Spoiler*] While I can relate with those who think that the top keeps spinning at the end of the movie, I choose to believe that the entire movie took place within the real world and that it was not all happening within one big dream. My wife differs with me and is certain that the top was not about to fall over. I could clearly see the wobble. It was about to happen right before the cut!
  • It's interesting to see a film where the main character is his own antagonist. There are no real external villains in this movie.
  • This page has pretty in-depth answers to questions which might be puzzling some about the movie.


  1. Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, have you seen Brick?

  2. I have a lot of friends who liked it, but I have yet to see it. I assume you like him in that movie?


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