Thursday, August 19, 2010

More E-Book Fun

The Kindle is getting cheaper, and now I am told that there are budget e-book readers on the horizon set to sell for less than $50. This is very exciting to me, simply because I've benefited so much from my Kindle. You may have noticed day after day of book reviews from me, and this is largely due to my Kindle. You see, I have a job where I drive almost constantly (yeah, this blog doesn't make any money, except for the Westminster book ads which eventually get more books into our hands) and the fact that the Kindle will read to me while I drive means that I am fighting to never waste even a moment.

So Tim Challies, on his blog, gave 5 Reasons Books Are Better Than e-Books, and I felt reproved. But then he listed 5 Reasons e-Books Are Better Than Books. My take on it is that if you want to hold a bundle of paper simply for the sake of holding a bundle of paper, then pick up a shieve at Office Max on your way home from work.

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