Thursday, March 26, 2009

One More Can't Hurt, Can it?

It is my great pleasure to announce that the staff of Bring the Books has gained a new member. Michael Lynch. I had the privilege of meeting Michael and his wonderful wife Kelly when they came to visit RTS last month. Let me tell you a bit about Michael so you can get to know him. He grew up in the huge state of Texas. Currently, he is finishing up at Moody Bible Institute (B.A. in Historical Theology) and he wants to attend Seminary in the fall. He loves to read theology and play with his chocolate labrador Luther (what a cool name for a dog!). He also enjoys playing Tetris (I just made that one up). His interests are particularly in the areas of church history, theology (union and justification, really all things Gaffin), and hermeneutics. He is a member of Covenant OPC in Orland Park, IL and is under care in the OPC. After a hard day at school, he enjoys drinking a nice cold beer and smoking a pipe while talking theology with his friends (that is true). He will be a great addition to the staff. Now remember to play nice with him!


  1. Does he know Pete and Shannon Onnink? I've met them, they go to that church.

  2. Of course I do! They are good friends of my Wife and I!


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