Monday, March 9, 2009

The Dry Well... Oh Well!

It's true, (sigh). The well is dry, right now, and since I'm not a pastor I have no training in getting blood from a stone. I've been busy, what with all my political scheming and revolution talk. And this just isn't the place for all of that. But fortunately, my sister happens to have written some pretty hilarious satire for the online magazine The Brew, tackling a subject ripe for the picking: "Christianese," the Christian lingo. Cleverly enough, she has written her piece in the form of a pamphlet introducing new believers into the Christian sub-culture. I think it's funny, and I know you guys will, as well. Also, since most of our readers probably tend toward Cessationism, I think you'll all appreciate her skewering of people feeling they are "led by God" to make bonehead decisions.


A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Assimilation by Libby Parker

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