Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges for $0.99

My first book on the Amazon Kindle Store is now available for purchase. Charles Bridges' classic work on the pastoral ministry, The Christian Ministry has been a help to many ministers, and I have personally been greatly affected by Bridges' exhortations and charges to those who would minister to Christ's church. Containing the insights of a seasoned and tested pastor, this is a book that should have been available for the Kindle a long time ago.

I would request that those of you who have a chance to read the book and look over the edition I prepared write reviews so that curious readers will know that the edition I've created for the Kindle is top-notch quality. At $0.99 it is my hope that every pastor or prospective pastor would read this affordable and important work. I hope you'll also agree I have prepared easily the most attractive cover that Amazon has ever seen.

[PS: If there are any enterprising readers of BTB who can help with a better cover for the book, I'd be happy to thank them with a free copy of the book.]


  1. Thank you Adam, I just bought this ebook. I´ve wanted to purchase this book but still is on my wish list. Great book indeed. An essential book for pastors and those who are preparing to be in the ministry.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work in creating this edition of Bridges for the Kindle. I bought it and left a brief review on Amazon.

    --Nick Roark

  3. Many thanks Gentlemen! Just purchased it yesterday. Looking forward to more great material from you guys.

  4. Adam, thanks for doing this. I have this in hardback but am glad to now have it on my Kindle. I encourage you to "upgrade" all your free Kindle offerings and sell them on Amazon.

  5. Hi there!

    I've got a simple cover made. If you want to check it out, e-mail me.


  6. You know, Vic, as much homework as I did, I could not find your email address anywhere. How about if you email me? My address is

    Thanks for making the cover, by the way. It's very kind of you.


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