Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Tim LeHaye Book!

I know that our readers are big fans of the Left Behind series. I also know that our readers love free e-books. Ergo, I am certain that this will be our most clicked post.

Have you ever wanted to know what a YOUNG tribulation force might look like? Well look no further - In the book Taken, it's just like the amazing and biblically accurate older tribulation force (complete with rebuilt temple and re-establishment of the system of sacrifice which I thought Jesus put away forever), except they're younger, which makes teens feel like they can relate.

I hope our readers don't trample one another in their rush to get this book, which is free on Amazon today.

If you are tempted to take every word of what I have said here literally, then please I beg you, read the tags for this post.


  1. XD Good one! I used to love those books though...

  2. When I read your first statement I thought, "well, I guess I must be the only one that doesn't love these books that reads this blog."

    Good satire. I love it.

  3. Awesome. In this series, are the "taken" fed to the vultures? (Luke 17:37). It would be a great twist in the plot.

  4. you had me worried there for a moment...briefly. i used to be into that whole left-behind stuff...till i actually read the Bible. ;)


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