Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who Is It That's Evil, Again?...

When I find irony, and it makes me laugh out loud, I share it with as many people as possible. In this case, we have a man named Adam Green, who directed a slasher movie a few years ago titled 'Hatchet.' He has also, now, made a sequel which has been creatively titled 'Hatchet II.' The first film went into theaters dramatically cut so that it could be rated R. Now, apparently, the director has decided to bypass the MPAA, which was set to give his film an NC-17 designation. Instead of bearing the dreaded rating, the film has been released into theaters in a super-disgusting unrated and uncut form. I say 'super-disgusting' because, out of curiosity, I watched the trailer only to discover that even the trailer for the film is uncut, and it is too horrible for me to even link to. Apparently, after running the movie in their theaters on a trial basis, AMC has decided to remove it from their theaters.

Now, here is what I find hilariously ironic. The director has become self-righteous in his condemnation of the MPAA, and actually claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that "[The MPAA] are a very big and powerful — even though they’re evil — organization."

And here's what's hilarious: this is coming from a man who made a movie about a disfigured monstrosity who chases around teenagers with a belt-sander. A movie with decapitations galore, a movie with some of the most disgusting deaths that one could invent, and a movie that treats human beings - made in the image of God - like they are cattle. He is an absolutely picturesque illustration of Paul's words when he says of the wicked, "[They are] inventors of evil things." It is beyond laughable and also terrifying that the term 'evil' can be so malleably twisted. That someone like Green could possibly think it is acceptable to twist and misuse such a meaningful word simply to describe someone who gets in his way or prevents him from having what he wants is far short any known definition of evil. If the MPAA is 'evil' for favoring studio films over independent films, then what does that make Green for making such a wretched piece of depravity?

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