Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So True

I don't normally just post a picture, but in this case, I thought this is just so true that I could not pass it.


  1. ...and "so true" is right!
    BTW The word verification/captcha word was "calisma". Mike says that's a charismatic Calvinist.

  2. Okay, our daughter, Christine, just read this over my shoulder and cracked up too!
    Yes, I have made three comments, but this is so funny and more so as I think back to
    1. Trying door-to-door evangelism (Yikes!!)
    2. Thinking of the cult evangelists that have come to our door in the last 6 monts. Their pamphlets might as well be blank...
    Okay. Signing off and shutting up!


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