Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adam Watches Too Many Movies

Our very own Adam Parker is featured over on Reformation 21. This is the second time that Adam has been featured on Reformation 21 and I am sure it will not be his last. His most recent article, "Watching Movies to the Glory of God," can be found here. I highly recommend this article to anyone who would like to understand how their Christian worldview impacts the way they watch movies. Adam has a great gift in this area and offers some solid practical insights.

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  1. How often when watching a movie are we reminded of God's gracious and meciful ways with man who He made in His image, God's attributes, His amazing creation, His glory, man's depravity, Christ's redemption... well why am I rambling? What I'm trying to say you said so well in your article! Nice work!
    "Sin is leaving God out of account in the ordinary affairs of your life."
    Good words! Thanks!


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