Friday, September 12, 2008

John the Calvinist: Part 1

I am currently taking a class on the Gospel of John. As I read through this wonderful Gospel I am struck afresh at how "Calvinistic" this book really is. So, I thought I would start a series of posts looking at different passages in the Gospel of John that teach the doctrines known as "Calvinism," or the term I prefer, "the doctrines of grace."

In this first post I need your help. In the comments let me know what passages you would like me to discuss. It can be passages that are overtly Calvinistic or passages that you, the reader, thinks show Calvinism to be wrong. I am an equal opportunity blogger.


  1. For a no brianer calvinistic passage there is John 6:44 to get things kicked off.

  2. I think you should go into John 3 and demonstrate why it is not anti doctrines of sovereign grace like everyone thinks it is.


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