Friday, September 5, 2008

He's Here!

Our son was born earlier today! His name is Amos Augustin Parker (my wife chose to spell his middle name without the "e" on the end so people wouldn't make the mistake of calling him "August-een"), and he was 9lb. 12oz. Labor started around 8am, and ended at 5:40, when he was finally born.

I want to just say that my wife is amazing. She has done the greatest thing I have ever seen before, and she did it without an epidural, without drugs, without any pain killers. She did it au naturale, and I couldn't be prouder. She feels a great sense of accomplishment for having done this, and that sense of accomplishment is well deserved.

Praise God that Amos has no birth defects, that he has no medical problems, that he is in good sound condition, and that the Lord blessed us with a great delivery team. Though we were not able to have him at home (due to the fact that we needed pitocin to get the contractions going), God still brought us a hospital staff that was respectful of Arryn's desire for a natural birth, and we just think the world of our midwife, Michelle, our nurse, Theresa, and our doctors, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Smothers.

Here is a video of Genesis meeting her little brother:

This is the first photo we took after he was born:

Hey; it was warm in there!

A proud father, once again:

Genesis holds her baby brother:

I have more pictures, but I don't want to swamp our page with photos and videos, so perhaps I'll save anything else for later. Praise be to God for His provision of safety and wise counsel.


  1. Yea! Way to go Arryn! Good job!
    Yea! Amos Augustin! Welcome!
    You have a great family!

  2. Congrats to all of you! My mom has been keeping me updated, so I am so happy to hear that he is finally here! Enjoy your new little blessing from God!

  3. He is SO cute. Congrats. Praise God for this great blessing.

  4. Yay!! Might I ask for emails swamped with pictures for Amos' devoted fans (me).
    The Proudest Little Aunt To Ever Happen


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